Dejana Durarac D-Series

Interior Van Shelving Systems

Does Your Van Look Like This?

In order to find anything in this van, the first step would be to take everything out. That is inefficient and unproductive!

No more crawling into the van, kneeling on unseen objects or tools… pull out shelves bring everything within easy reach.

Dejana’s DuraRac© Van Shelving offers a place for everything and everything in its place!


DuraRac van shelving provide customers with an upfit platform to enable maximum utilization of cargo space, better driver ergonomics, and increased workforce productivity.

The DuraRac van shelving System is perfect for field personnel such as:

  • Telecom, Cable, and Satellite Installation and Repair
  • HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing
  • Route and Delivery
  • Service and Repair

U.S. Patents: 9,834,149; 9,796,339

DuraRac R-Series

DuraRac R100 Series

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DuraRac D-Series

DuraRac D100 Series

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DuraRac D200 Series

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Sealed Partition

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“The sample books that we carry can cost upwards of $500 – $600 per book. Our Katerack Shelving System keeps our books from getting damaged and allows us to be much more organized. Now there is a place for everything and we can easily grab what we need which saves us a lot of time at each in home consultation…”

Mark Toto
Owner of Budget Blinds, Harrisburg, Hershey & Carlisle PA

“The Katerack and DuraRac have fit our business model perfectly. The units have helped us make every technician we work with be as efficient as possible.”

AJ Eder
Director of Marketing for Johnstone Supply

“The Katerack up fit has organized our product better than anything else out there. It has forced my drivers to keep a neater van and has eliminated damage to our product while driving around. This is the best way to keep as many boots at one time in our vans.”

Jose Mendoza
ESG Department Manager for PayLock fleet

“This letter is my testimonial to all the great  people at Dejana. The journey started with a Transit  Connect, that had not been built, and the need to equip for pest control.  This upfit was especially challenging since it included GPS, decals and three components to the interior.

At the completion  of the first unit, I was invited to their facility in Baltimore to view the end product.  I was pleased as I approached the vehicle.  Then, the Dejana team went to explaining how each component was installed  and it’s operation. I was delighted.  Andy Dejana also took the time to give me a tour of his operation. Though focused on my upfit needs, I found they had resources for a wide variety of equipment.

In summary, Dejana took our idea and made it come true.  When the courtesy deliveries started at the various cities, our employees were impressed with the whole package.  Eight months  have past without issue so, Dejana will be our first choice in the future.”

Rick Campbell
Fleet Supervisor for Terminix NC

“One of the areas Dejana excels in is taking care of the challenges as they come. The Katerack product fit our fleets needs perfectly. It fill a void that other products could not. The other area that has impressed me the most is how Dejana has made installations of the Katerack/DuraRac throughout the country seamless to me and my organization.”

Eddie Drenner
Transportation Manager for Wright Medical Technologies

“When I first looked for an up fitter Dejana’s ship thru program was what I gravitated to, but once we built a trusting relationship with Dejana. I found that they were willing to work on the tough issues and were able to overcome obstacles to make our Office Up Fit work for our fleet. The driver population at Trident USA is very happy with the quality and workmanship of the product.”

Randy Holt
National Fleet Manger for Trident USA/Mobilex

“I am very confident with the quality of the Kateracks up fitted in our fleet of Caravan CV’s. After looking at competitive products the Dejana Katerack system out-shined all the other products. I would have to say the quality of the Katerack is what differentiates Dejana from the rest.”

Dave Tosh
Fleet Supervisor of Benco Dental


Van shelving provides more efficient use of your van’s cargo area . . . as much as 70% more capacity.


DuraRac D100 Series Van Shelving

  • Rear Katerack: 31.8 sq ft shelf space
  • Side Katerack: 20.4 sq ft shelf space

Traditional Racks/Bins

  • 12 in x 37 in x 6 shelves = 18.5 sq ft
  • 14 in x 32 in x 6 shelves = 18.6 sq ftkaterack-durarac-capacity-1

The Results are:

  • Rear DuraRac has 170% storage capacity
  • Side DuraRac has 110% storage capacity
  • Rear and Side DuraRac combine for 280% more shelf space!!!




Eliminates the need to go inside the van. No crawling into the van kneeling on an unseen object or tool. Pullout van shelving brings everything within easy reach.

Improved Ergonomicskaterack-durarac-safety-1

  • No more crawling in the van
  • No debris on floor
  • No head bumping
  • No more crouching stress

Get Rid of Poor Lifting Conditions

  • Hernia, Inflammation, Strains and Sprains*
  • Average Direct cost to the business of $29,987*
  • Median Days Away from Work (DAFW): 8 Days**

* OSHA Small Business Safety Pays Program
** US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics



Improve your bottom line! Allows you to be more organized and provides faster, easier access to tools and inventory allowing more service calls per day.


  • Organization
  • Vehicle Inventory Audit
  • Reduse Overstocking of Parts


  • Reduced time searching for components
  • Reduced unloading and rearranging
  • More effective & efficient use of inventory
  • No in-and-out of vehicle
  • 110%-280% more shelf space
  • More efficient inventory audit
  • Commonality across fleet
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Increased productivity of work force
  • Improved OSHA metrics


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