Tandem Reel Loader


Tandem Reel Loader

Dejana’s Tandem Reel Loader was developed in close cooperation with public utility companies for the transportation and installation of underground wire and cable in the utility industry.


The Tandem Reel Loader offers a variety of uniquie features that make cable transportation and handling easier, and better supports the installation process.

The unit features a newly designed, patented lifting system that is directly connected without toggle linkages for greater lifting capacity and less downtime. The rear lifting arms offer a radial swing of 160° to enable the unit to reach back, load-and-lift a 16,000lb. reel above the truck, transfer it to the forward arms, then reach back and load-and-lift a second reel to be stored in the aft position. Other unique features include a modular rim drive system made from a special high durometer elastomer that can better withstand use and can be easily replaced, a 30,000 lb. capacity winch, and a rear mounted capstan drive.

Overall, the Tandem Reel Loader is designed with a lower center of gravity to better handle loads under transport and a lower deck height that is clear of obstacles for better operator visibility.

U.S. Patents: 7,494,087; 8,021,097


  • Patented lifting system capable of lifting and loading two 16,000 lb. reels.
  • Modular rim-drive system made from a high durometer elastomer for superior performance.
  • A 30,000 lb winch with built-in control to prevent bird-nesting.
  • Wireless remote control operation for complete flexibility.
  • Heavy-duty steel platform body, all welded construction
  • Lift arm capacity: 16,000 min.
  • Reel size capacity (diameter): 5’ to 9’.
  • Reel size capacity (width): 28” to 72”.
  • (2) 5,000 lb hydraulic rim drives, (1) front, (1) rear, vulcanized & made from 1” thick Vinicar elastomer.
  • Automatic over-center hydraulic latches.
  • Lift arm cylinders are directly attached to the lift arms and mounted above the deck for easy repair & maintenance, and to protect from road debris.