Sales Staff

Our Inside Sales Department is available from Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm by calling toll free 1.877.335.2621. General e-mail inquiries can be sent to

Dealer Sales

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding Dealer Sales, contact Rich Idtensohn at 1.877.335.2621 x1141 or e-mail

Fleet Sales

For inquiries regarding Fleet & Municipal Sales, contact Patrick Clark at 1.877.335.2621 x1110 or e-mail

National Fleet & Leasing Sales

For inquiries regarding National Fleet & Leasing Sales, contact Jonathan Culp at 717.417.5413 or e-mail

Dealer Sales - Regional Sales Contacts

Mike Coleman Southeastern MA, Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut
C: 401.374.3219

David Wells Virginia
C: 443.377.6941
F: 631.544.3518

Doug Strong Southwestern MA, Western CT, Vermont, Upstate New York, Maine, NH
P: 413.569.9125
C: 413.427.4510
F: 631.544.3532

Sal Aliperti Long Island and the 5 boroughs of NYC
C: 631.786.2438
F: 631.544.3505

Dan Perinetti Northern New Jersey
P: 718.767.4623
C: 631.786.2445
F: 631.544.3551

Bob Wescott Southern New Jersey
C: 609.722.2910
F: 856-858-0103

Danny Marsh Delaware, Maryland
C: 443.324.2323
F: 410.592.3403

Liz Jannell Southeastern Massachusetts
P: 1.877.335.2621 x1309
F: 631.544.3538

Tanya Gerena Eastern PA
P: 856.303.1315 x1811
C: 609.405.6104
F: 856.303.1361

George Fielding New York State
p: 518.456.2281
c: 518.791.7607

Nick Fezza New York State
p: 518.793.2265
c: 518.304.0169

Fleet & Municipal Sales

Scott Ziegler Lease/Fleet Sales Manager
C: 484.663.4236
F: 631.544.3547

Greg Markert Business Development Manager/ Utility Equipment
C: 732.354.6994
F: 631.544.3508

Nick Fezza New York State
p: 518.793.2265
c: 518.304.0169

George Fielding New York State
p: 518.456.2281
c: 518.791.7607

Frank Backle Southern New Jersey
C: 609.385.5432
F: 631.544.3552

Mark Mohlmann Fleet & Municipal Sales
C: 410.459.0619
F: 631.544.3511

Sal Aliperti Long Island and the 5 boroughs of NYC
C: 631.786.2438
F: 631.544.3505

Dave-SchoennagelDave Schoennagel Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia
p: 540.848.4658

dave.clowserDave Clowser Regional Sales Rep Eastern PA, Northern New Jersey
p: 856.303.1315
c: 267.227.2586

Joe Tempone Key Account Manager
p: 631.544.9000
c: 631.786.2439
F: 631.544.3523

Mike Casey Fleet & Municipal Sales
New England
c: 401.447.8695
F: 631.544.3539

National Fleet & Leasing Sales

Jon-CulpJonathan Culp Director, Fleet & Leasing Sales
p: 717.417.5413
C: 410.241.3271
F: 631.544.3529

Elizabeth-PeckElizabeth Peck Business Development Mgr./ National Van Sales
p: 517-759-0424
F: 631.544.3551

Lorie Gill Business Development Mgr. – West Coast
p: 805.280.2899

Mike Gordon Business Development Mgr. – Southeast
p: 470.717.6704