Dejana Products

Pete Dejana established our company with a very strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Together with his son Andy, the mission for the company is simple: Listen to the customer and embrace the opportunity to earn their business.


Today, after over 50 years in business, Dejana has built a reputation for listening to the customer and responding to what they need. We are proud to be the primary manufacturer for the product lines below, and even more proud to say that we are an American Manufacturer.

Pete & Andy Dejana


The VersaRack Body was designed to provide landscapers with the flexibility to have a landscape body, a stake body and a platform body all as one. Working together with engineers from Rugby Manufacturing, Dejana developed and patented the VersaRack Body that is manufactured by Rugby Manufacturing today. The popular VersaRack body features eight removable heavy-duty panels that can be interlocked to provide an extremely rugged stake body, or  easily removed, in whole, or in part, to adapt to changing needs on the job…remove all eight panels, and you have a platform body!


Cable Pulling Equipment

Working in close cooperation with public utility companies, Dejana developed a revolutionary new design for the removal of underground wire and cable in the utility industry. With seven Dejana patents, these units can deliver substantially more power, increase capacity and provide trouble free performance.

Hub Drive Cable Puller


Our Hub Drive Cable Puller can deliver an astounding 200, 000 inch-pounds of torque to deliver 85% more pulling power than traditional systems. In addition, the rear arms can be operated independently and moved laterally 24” L-R by remote control. Making onsite operation, setup and spooling easy.


Tandem Reel Loader


Our Tandem Reel Loader is designed to work in cooperation with our Hub Drive to remove and install underground cable. It too has many of the same features and is capable of lifting and loading two 16,000 pound reels. It also has a unique modular rim drive system made from a special high durometer elastomer that can better withstand use and can be easily replaced.


Hub Drive Cable Trailer


Our Hub Drive Cable Trailer offers the same patented features and technology as our Cable Puller, but as an independent, self-propelled unit that is capable of speeds of up to 2 MPH. When combined with a fully operational radio remote control, maneuvering at the jobsite and setup is easy.


Cargo & Van Bodies

In 2005, Dejana began manufacturing its own line of dry freight and cargo bodies that are specifically designed with a variety of premium features as standard components in order to withstand the demands of a rugged work environment. Our DuraCube, DuraCube II, DuraBox, Step-N-Cube and DuraMax bodies were essentially designed by our customers and are now the standard for thousands of freight companies.

Dejana DuraRac Van Interiors

Available for compact and full-sized vans

Our DuraRac D-Series  Interior shelving systems feature a patented design that brings your tools and equipment out to you. No more crawling into a van, kneeling on an unseen object or tool its all in easy reach!

These modular shelves have a 300lb. capacity and are completely adjustable so you can add additional shelves as needed!


The DuraRac R-Series Interior Shelving System features an all-aluminum design that is lighter and stronger than traditional racks and bins packages. It’s corrosion resistant, light-weight design lends itself to higher load capacity and longer product life.

Standard configurations are available for General Service, HVAC, Telecom and Electricians.


Dejana Sealed Partition


The Dejana Sealed Partition was designed to safely separate the driver in the cab from the fumes located in the cargo area. The new design seals all potential channels from fumes and spills as well as providing climate control and noise reduction. Available for Ford Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster City and Nissan NV1500.


Dejana DynaPro Dump Bodies

Dejana’s DynaPro dump bodies are designed and tested for superior strength & performance! Specially developed, black semi-gloss powdercoat paint creates a clean finish with additional corrosion resistance. Keeping the body looking newer, longer!

Available in 9′ and 11′ lengths, 2-3 and 3-4 yard max capacities with Fold-Down Sides, and stainless steel.


Dejana DynaPro Landscapers

Dejana’s DynaPro Landscapers are built with a very strong grade 50 alloy steel and coated with a custom semi-gloss powdercoat paint, available in solid sides or removable racks these bodies provide superior strength and flexibility.

Both solid side and rack body models are available in 9.5’ and 12’ lengths and can be customized with a large array of options and accessories.