Katerack & DuraRac FAQs

Are the Van Shelving drawers adjustable?

Our drawers are infinitely adjustable.

Can I adjust them myself or do I have to have them adjusted by you?

You can adjust them yourself. It is a 15 to 20 minute adjustment and you can customize the drawers to fit your needs.

How much weight will the drawers hold?

The drawers can hold up to 300lbs of evenly distributed weight

Can I take the whole Van Shelving system out?

No, but if you are buying a new van (same make and dimensions) an authorized installer can transfer it for you.

Can I install Van Shelving myself?


Do I have to have Dejana install the System?

No; we have national distribution and installers in all major cities.

How long does it take for the installations?

Typically 2 ½ to 3 hours for a certified installer depending on the configuration.

I have a fleet of vans all over the country, can you coordinate that?

Yes, we work with multiple fleets with those exact needs. Our authorized Van Shelving installers work with us and in turn will work with you. We will make that process seamless for your fleet.

How much does the system weigh?

A standard 3 drawer Van Shelving system with a wiremesh partition is approximately 200lbs

Can I have this installed in a refrigeration unit?

Yes, if the refrigeration dealer you are buying from is willing to install the system into their interior.

It really doesn’t look like I am able to store more products…?

I may look like that at first, but depending on the system you can utilize up to 70% more storage capacity with using the Katerack/DuraRac system.

You not only get store more product and materials, but it will be organized in such a way that your drivers/techs will be more efficient.

I have heard someone say having the Katerack/DuraRac Van Shelving system is safer for my driver. How is that?

There are less chances of straining their back, cutting themselves on a sharp object or while crawling around having something fall on them. Yes the Katerack offers safey to your drivers.

What vehicles can the Katerack & DuraRac Van Shelving be installed in?

The Katerack can be installed in:
Ford Transit Connect, Chevy City Express; Nissan NV 200, Dodge/Chrysler Caravan, Ram Promaster City; Jeep Patriot

The Side Katerack Van Shelving can be installed in:
Ford Transit Connect, Dodge Caravan.

The DuraRac Van Shelving can be installed in:
Ford Econoline, Ford Transit, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Nissan NV, Ram Promaster.

Will the Katerack shelves in a Ram C/V sit level?


What is the weight of the standard side Katerack system?


What is the Katerack/DuraRac made out of?

Brackets – Steel
Sides – Extruded Aluminum
Shelf – FRP

Can I get the vehicle without a bulkhead?