Kansas City, MO

A new 90,000 square foot ship-thru facility in Kansas City, MO located entirely underground in the Hunt Midwest Automotive Alley Subtropolis. The manufacturing facility is in close proximity to Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant (KCAP) which will enable the company to quickly move vehicles to the upfitting operation and then out for distribution to dealerships nationwide.

The facility has two primary assembly lines with adjacent production areas for pre-assembly, electrical, decaling and quality control. It also has 1,500 square feet of office space for Dejana’s engineering, production and general administrative staff and has the ability to accommodate over 300 vehicles through storage, staging and production, entirely indoors, out of the elements, in a climate-controlled environment.

The facility has been granted ship-thru code 31G (assembly plant D9K) for the Ford Transit and the F-150 and will primarily install commercial van interiors as well as F150 upfits and accessories.


Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co, LLC. Kansas City, MO
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