Knapheide Heavy Hauler Flatbed

Knapheide Heavy Hauler

Knapheide Heavy Hauler Flatbed

The truck is designed with superior structural integrity in order to withstand the most rugged hauling requirements.


Knapheide Heavy Hauler flatbed trucks are available from 12’ to 26’ feet in length and are designed for hoist and non-hoist applications.


  • Flatbed Flooring Options:
    • Wood Flooring – 2” nominal treated #1-grade dense yellow pine with tongue and groove construction
    • Smooth steel – 7 gauge high strength (36,000 psi yield strength)
    • Treadplate – 3/16” treadplate
  • Flatbed Truck Structural long sills with gusseted cross members, 5” on 12’ and shorter platforms, 7” on 14’ and longer platforms.
  • Structural channel cross members spaced on 12” centers
  • Side rails and end rails are constructed of structural C-channel steel
  • Heavy duty flatbed reinforced internal stake pockets are sized to accept 2”x4” lumber as well as a wide array of Knapheide side options
  • External rub rails constructed of 3/8 steel located on both sides of the flatbed
  • Complete immersion in Knapheide’s electrodeposition primer paint system for superior corrosion resistance
  • Water based undercoating on underside of platform
  • Durable oven-cured high gloss black finish top coat