Warranty Statement

Commercial Warranty Statement

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment’s warranty covers only equipment and bodies that are subjected to normal use and service for which they were intended. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to either the repair or the exchange of components, provided that in our judgment the part or workmanship is defective. This warranty supersedes all previous warranties, orally agreed to, written, or implied, and becomes void upon modifications not authorized by Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co., LLC.

Coverage, Terms & Procedures

3 Years – Bodies 3 Years
3 Years – Parts (Electrical & Hydraulic Included)
3 Years – Hoists
1 Years – Paint & Finish


What is NOT covered

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co., LLC. is not responsible or liable for loss of time, cost, labor, material, profit, or direct damages caused by defective products. In addition, rental of vehicles or equipment, truck lettering, or any other damage incurred to items not installed by Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co., LLC. are not covered by this warranty.

Further, installation of parts, components and equipment that are sold by Dejana but not installed by Dejana are installed at the risk and expense of the purchaser. Compliance with applicable motor vehicle regulations is the responsibility of the installer. Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment Co., LLC. does not assume any liability for damage to a motor vehicle, or any other damages that may occur, resulting from the installation or use of the  equipment.