FMVSS 111 – Rear Visibility Requirement


Effective May 1, 2018, The Federal Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS111 will require all vehicles with 10,000 lbs. GVW or less to have a rearview camera installed.

Dejana is considered a final stage manufacturer. As such, we are required to certify that all completed vehicles comply with all FMVSS regulations. All vehicles under 10,000 lb. GVW manufactured by an OEM after May 1st, 2018 must comply with FMVSS 111 and have a functioning back-up camera system.

If a pool vehicle or dealer supplied vehicle has a GVW under 10,000 lbs. and was manufactured after May 1st, it must have a working rear view camera system when it leaves one of our facilities.

  • Some OEMs have a rear view camera system as standard equipment that is already installed on the vehicle. If our upfit does not affect its functionality there is no action required.
  • In some instances, our upfit may require us to relocate an OEM installed camera.
    • For example, pickup bed removals where backup cameras were integral with the tailgate. If the pickup tailgate had a camera in it, we will be required to relocate and reinstall the existing equipment, or install a new camera system.
  • Some OEMs have a backup camera as standard equipment, but ship the cameras loose and it is our responsibility to install the system. This will require a labor only charge.
  • If your vehicle does not come with a backup camera as standard equipment, then we can install an after-market camera to be in compliance.
RAM Pro Master CityFactory Installed
RAM Pro Master VansFactory Installed
RAM Promaster Cutaways (1)Installation Required
RAM 1500 PickupFactory Installed
RAM 2500 Box DeleteInstallation Required
FORD Transit ConnectsFactory Installed
FORD Transit VansFactory Installed
FORD Transit Cutaways <10k (1)Required61C
FORD E Series Cutaways (1,2)Not Required
FORD F-X-W Pickup <10kFactory Installed
FORD F-X-W 66D Box Delete <10kRequired872
CHEVY/GMC Savana & Express VanFactory Installed
CHEVY/GMC Savana/ Express Cutaways <10k (1)Installation RequiredUVC w DRJ
CHEVY/GMC 1500 PickupFactory Installed
CHEVY/GMC 2500 Box DeleteRequired

(1) Including High Cubes & KUV/s     (2) GVW > 10,000 lbs. – Not Required

Rear View Camera & Installation Options:

  • Install OEM Provided Camera
  • Relocate OEM Installed Camera
  • ROS STSK4530W – Mirror Monitor
  • ROS STSK5465 – 5″ Monitor
  • ROS STSK7465 – 7″ Monitor

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