Rugby HD Stakeless Landscape Truck


Rugby HD Stakeless Landscape Truck

The Rugby Heavy-Duty Stakeless Landscape Truck is our premium, fully-welded body. Landscape truck units are available in 12’ & 14’ lengths and feature a 54” door on the curbside for easy access for most pallet sizes.


The Rugby HD Stakeless Landscape truck features 10 gauge construction throughout with 48” tall sides and a two-piece smooth steel floor. The rear landscape truck tailgate comes standard with two-piece barn doors over a drop down tailgate, or with two-piece full height solid swing-out doors.


  • 10 gauge two-piece floor
  • 48” high sides
  • Interlaced landscape truck understructure for superior strength and rigidity with 10 gauge 4” formed channel crossmembers spaced 16” apart with 7 gauge 9” formed channel long sills.
  • Recessed, shock resistant rubber mounted lighting to meet FMVSS 108 requirements
  • Manual landscape truck tarp roller
  • Landscape truck Backup alarm