Swaploader 100 Series


Swaploader 100 Series

The Swaploader 100 Series Hook Lifts are designed with a lift capacity between 10,500 and 18,000 lbs. and are for Chassis Classes 4, 5, and 6.


The Swaploader 100 Series hooklifts are available with body sizes of 10 to 16 feet and come in 4 fixed or adjustable jib height hoist models depending on the model.

  • SL-105
  • SL-145
  • SL-180

The specially designed Swaploader hook eliminates the need for high maintenance safety latches that are required on most other hook lift systems. The unique design of the hoists allows for you to engage the container at up to a 60 degree radius and has the capability to lift fully loaded containers.

Dismount cycle of the Swaploader system uses its dual lift cylinders to extend the body off of the truck chassis and for your critical space requirements, Swaploader allows exact positioning of the various bodies and containers during the mount and dismount cycle.


  • Sliding Jib
  • Slide Through Body Locks
  • Large Beveled Rear Rollers
  • Dual Pivot Rear Section
  • Rugged Main Frame
  • Dual Lift Cylinders
  • Nylatron Slide Pads
  • Low Pressure Hydraulics
  • Rigorous 4 Year Test Cycle
  • Integral Dual Counter Balance Valves
  • 4 year warranty

Hoist Options

  • Container Variable System (CVS)
  • Rear Stabilizer with Heavy Duty Bumper
  • Dual Rear Roller Assembly
  • Rear Body Lock Shelf Assembly

Hydraulic Options

  • Right Hand Pump (Auto Transmission)
  • Left Hand Pump (Manual Transmission)
  • 2 Section Manual Control Valve
  • 2 Section Air Control Valve
  • 3 Section Manual Control Valve
  • 3 Section Air Control Valve
  • Electric Hydraulic Valve Option
  • Addition Control Valves (upon request)
  • Hydraulic Deduct Kits