Rugby 4-8 Yard Dump Truck


Rugby 4-8 Yard Dump Truck

Rugby’s Titan Series 4-8 Yard Dump Truck is designed to meet bigger capacity, class 6-7 needs. Titan Bodies feature a sleek, yet strong look, dirt shedding top rail, 10 degree sloped tailgate and radius front corner post.


The Titan Series 4-8 Yard Dump Truck is available in lengths of 10’ or 12’ with volume capacities ranging from 4-5, 5-7 and 6-8 cubic yards. The front has a fully boxed top rail with V-bend reinforced front panel. The front corner posts of the 4-8 Yard Dump Bodies have a radius with recessed clearance lights on lower post. The rear corner posts are tapered, full height and 5 inches deep. The Titan Series 4-8 Yard Dump Bodies are manufactured with 7” structural channel long sills and 4” I beam cross sills on 12” centers.

Rugby designs and manufactures more truck hoists than anyone else in the world. Here, you can choose from 12.5 ton to 22 ton hoists for the 10’ body, and 15 ton or 18 ton options for the 12’ body.


  • 10 gauge steel (50 grade) on side construction
  • 8 gauge steel floor with radius corners
  • 10 foot 6-8 yard body standard all 8 gauge
  • Sides equipped with brackets for sideboard extensions
  • 45 degree sloped rub rail
  • Three vertical boxed braces per side
  • Fully boxed tailgate frame reinforced with two tapered vertical brachets and one tapered horizontal bra
  • Recessed shock resistant rubber mounted FMVSS 108 clearance lights. Three cluster lights in lower apron and rear facing stop-turn-tail lights mounted at top of corner posts for added visibility.
  • Sloped ½ cab shield
  • Tailgate sloped 10 degree inward and recessed flush with rear face of corner posts