DuraClass Dump Bodies: HPT & HPT-AL


DuraClass Dump Bodies: HPT & HPT-AL

All Heavy Duty DuraClass Dump Bodies utilize high-tensile, minimum 45,000 psi steel, for superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable models. Additional ultra high-tensile, abrasion resistant and stainless steel options are available.


HPT: The DuraClass HPT is the undisputed workhorse for those who haul for a living. HPT delivers more payload on the job and more profit to your bottom line. With its interlaced understructure and vertical side braces, the HPT is the industry benchmark for durability, productivity, and resale value at trade-in time. Like all Premium Heavy Duty DuraClass dump bodies, the HPT uses high-tensile steel throughout for superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable dump bodies.

HPT AL: The DuraClass design shines in aluminum with its fully enclosed front posts and slanted vertical side braces with radius bends. Dirt sheds easily for minimum clean-up.
Full aluminum design offers corrosion resistance, eliminating paint expense and increasing body value at trade-in. Typically up to 50% lighter than traditional steel, the decreased body weight of aluminum bodies increases payload capacity, minimizes fuel consumption and improves truck life. Aluminum bodies offer an overall clean look that enhances your business reputation.

Get your DuraClass aluminum body just the way you want it with additional features including upper and lower tarp rails, integral cab shields, ladders, patch gates and more!


  • Fully enclosed front corner posts
  • Full depth corner posts and enclosed tailgate hardware, another premium feature you won’t find anywhere else in the industry
  • Greaseable rear hinges have the widest bearing surface and largest pin diameter in the industry.