DuraClass Dump Bodies: HH & HM


DuraClass Dump Bodies: HH & HM

A compact workhorse, the HM and the heavy duty HM are engineered for hard impact and maximum life. Direct welding of the sidewalls to the body floor, supported by DuraClass’ structural subframe, provides rigidity to withstand punishing assignments.


The HM and HH utilize a stacked understructure. The HM uses 4″ structural channel crossmembers and the HH uses 4″ I-beam crossmembers on 6″ I-beam longmembers. Extra wide corner posts are full depth and fully enclosed and vertical side braces are extra wide to provide years of durable and trouble-free service.

All Medium Duty DuraClass Dump Bodies utilize high-tensile, minimum 45,000 psi steel, for superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable models. Additional ultra high-tensile, abrasion resistant, and stainless steel options are available. The Duraclass HH & HM Dump Bodies patented sidewall design and smooth radius of the body side and bracing adds longevity and strength. You could settle for less when spec’ing a dump body, but you’d get less in the long run.


  • 8 ga, high-tensile carbon steel standard, many ultra high-tensile, abrasion resistant and stainless steels available
  • Stacked understructure, 6″ I-beam longsills with 4″ crossmembers on 18″ centers
  • HM crossmembers are structural channel
  • HH crossmembers are I-beam
  • Sloped vertical side braces
  • 6-panel tailgate