Switch-N-Go Drop Box


Switch-N-Go Drop Box

The Switch-N-Go Drop Box also known as roll-offs have the added benefit of using a detachable body system on an under CDL truck to provide a unique niche for the Switch-N-Go™ system.


Switch-N-Go drop box is available in six standard lengths, from 9 to 14 feet long, with capacities from 8 to 17 yards. Additionally, Switch-N-Go drop boxes come in three classes, standard, medium duty and heavy duty. These containers all come with a top quality powder coated finish which is boosted by a triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance.

Switch-N-Go Drop Box containers come standard with industry respected features side swing or barn door gates, greased wheels and sloped fronts that allow for easy cleanout. Options for the Switch-N-Go Drop Box include mesh tarps, side doors and factory mounted D-rings.

The Switch-N-Go™ system when paired with a supply of drop box containers allows for a hauler to create a successful waste hauling business. Where they have an advantage over traditional roll-off rental businesses due to their smaller trucks and lighter containers.


  • Rear gate: side swing or barn door
  • Rear wheels: 6″ x 6″ with greased axles
  • Sloped front for easy cleanout
  • High quality, durable powder coated finish