Knapheide KMT2 Mechanics Truck


Knapheide KMT2 Mechanics Truck

The Knapheide KMT2 Mechanic Truck comes equipped with a variety of compartments to store your equipment and help you stay organized on the jobsite.  The Master Locking System keeps your tools and equipment safe and secure and gives you peace of mind.


The Knapheide KMT2 Mechanic Truck employs a 10,000 lbs. maximum capacity crane to take care of all the heavy lifting.  The Knapheide KMT2 Mechanic Truck is available in 11′, 13′, or 14′ body lengths and many different compartment configurations.  So the next time your jobsite requires a heavy duty crane body, call on Knapheide KMT2 Mechanic Trucks.


  • Stellar 10621 55,000 ft-lbs crane with 21’ max reach
  • Boss 35 CFM Compressor
  • Unique torq-isolator crane support system transfers lift forces into the full-length torsion box subframe and outriggers and not the side compartments
  • Reinforced rear vertical curbside compartment is independent of all other side compartments, eliminating flexing and twisting of the side packs
  • Double paneled doors are reinforced with internal braces for durability
  • Vertical compartment doors employ double spring-loaded, over center retainers for elimination of involuntary swing
  • Thick automotive bulb-type neoprene door seals protect your compartments from the outside elements
  • Stainless steel, T-handle twist latch for easy opening and closing of compartments doors
  • All stainless steel continuous hinges for unmatched security
  • Master Locking System locks down all compartments on one side with one motion for an extra layer of security
  • 4 halogen work lights installed for improved working conditions in low light conditions (2 at rear, 1 each side)
  • Hydraulic out and hydraulic down outriggers for crane stability during lifting operations
  • Crane with 20’9” hydraulic reach provided by a two stage hydraulic extension
  • Planetary winch provides a 60ft/per minute single line speed
  • Hexagonal boom eliminates boom flex and lateral movement for ultimate stability