KMS Mechanics Service Truck


Knapheide KMS Mechanics Service Truck

With many of the same features mechanics have come to expect yet in a compact and economical package. Equipped with an electric crane, bottle gas retainers, mechanics drawers, work lights and more, the KMS Mechanics Service Truck enables the user to safely and efficiently lift heavy items and securely store tools and equipment.


Numerous body configurations, options and accessories are available to customize the KMS to fit your job. The KMS Mechanics Service Truck is compatible with dual rear wheel class three chassis and above. If you need a reliable service truck in a compact package, choose Knapheide’s KMS Mechanics Service Truck. The Knapheide Mechanics Service Truck comes in 2 versions, the KMS16 and the KMS30.


  • *KMS16: Stellar EC3200 Crane with up to 11,500 ft-lb. and 15’ reach
  • *KMS30: Stellar EC5000 Crane with up to 25,000 ft-lb. and 20′ reach
  • Full-length torsion box subframe
  • Reinforced rear vertical curbside compartment reduces flexing and twisting of side packs
  • Double paneled doors made of 20 ga. galvanneal steel are reinforced with internal braces for durability
  • Vertical compartment doors employ double spring-loaded, over center retainers
  • Thick automotive bulb-type neoprene door
  • Refined, automotive quality, paddle activated, rotary style latches
  • All stainless steel continuous hinges for unmatched security
  • Master Locking System locks
  • Knapliner work surface bumper
  • Heavy duty aluminum grab handles installed on both sides at rear of the body
  • *Recessed Halogen S/T/T and B/U light located at the rear of the body (KMS30 – LED lights)
  • Double panel slam tailgate with center latch
  • Knapliner applied to cargo floor, sides, compartment tops, bulkhead, bumper and tailgate
  • Adjustable divider shelves with a 250lb. maximum load capacity
  • Welded on cab protector with fully punched window
  • LED work lights (recessed in bulkhead, one on each side)
  • *Removable jackleg outrigger under crane compartment and storable in the compartment (KMS30 – Manual Out/ Manual Down outriggers)
  • Planetary winch provides a 15 ft. per minute single line speed
  • Aluminum mechanic 7-drawer set
  • Sortimo part storage containers in street side second vertical compartment
  • 6 cargo tie downs installed in the cargo area with a 2,000 lb. maximum capacity
  • *Floor is comprised of 12 gauge tread plate (KMS30 – 1/8″ tread plate)
  • Compartment tops, backs, floors & end panels comprised of 14 ga. galvanized steel
  • ***KMS30 includes a 7-way flat trailer plug