HydraWinder – HydraBed


HydraWinder by HydraBed

An innovative, patent pending hydraulic retrieval and payout attachment for the HydraBed® Reel Lift bed for light trucks.


The HydraWinder™ is a bolt-on option that equips your crews to safely and efficiently retrieve or payout cable and conduit from nearly any size reel using your existing 1-ton and larger trucks. The compact unit features variable speed control and easily adjustable tire-to-reel contact pressure. Crews and their managers benefit in many ways from the system’s unique ability to retrieve or payout from a large range of positions including from directly above a handhole or vault.


  • Quickly adapts from reel transport to winder
  • Self-stowing – doesn’t interfere with valuable deck space
  • Variable hydraulic speed control
  • Assists in controlling cable backlash
  • Can be positioned directly over handhold/vault
  • Adjustable spring tension drive wheel assembly
  • Safely  retrieve or payout cable and conduit
  • Accommodates Reel Diameter from 30″ to 102″
  • Variable tension provided by spring and tire
  • Payout or retrieve cable or conduit
  • Easily integrates with Hydrabed Reel Lift