Western Low Profile Tailgate Spreader


Western Low Profile Tailgate Spreader

When you need a smooth functioning tailgate spreader and an unobstructed view from the cab, you need a WESTERN® Low Profile Tailgate Spreader.


Whether you choose the Model 500, 1000 or 2500, all three spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. Choose between in-cab “on/off” control, or variable speed control option, for all three tailgate spreader models.


Model 500 Tailgate Spreader

  • Designated for compact pickups or SUVs with class III trailer hitch
  • 5 cubic ft. Capacity poly hopper (up to 225 lbs)
  • 12v dc sealed motor and direct drive auger
  • Choice of “on/off” switch or variable speed control
  • Poly spinner and ratchet straps are standard
  • Optional top screen and adjustable deflector
  • Drive motor is protected inside the hopper for a longer service life
  • CHMSL option available

Model 1000 Tailgate Spreader

  • Poly hopper has 8 cubic ft. Capacity (up to 400 lbs)
  • 12v dc motor mounted inside a sealed housing in the hopper for corrosion protection
  • Powder coated steel auger and agitator
  • Optional receiver hitch mount which allows for easy mounting or removal on any truck with a class iv trailer hitch with 1000 lbs. Tongue rating (shown)

Model 2500 Tailgate Spreader

  • 9.5 cu. ft. capacity high-density polyethylene hopper
  • 1/3-HP, 12V hi-torque motor located in a sealed housing in the hopper
  • Adjustable feed gate with positive material flow shut-off
  • Adjustable material deflectors
  • 15″ polyurethane spinner
  • Receiver hitch mount and nylon ratchet straps
  • Molded polyethylene cover
  • Choice of in-cab “on/off” switch or variable speed control