Meyer Blaster Spreader


Meyer Blaster Spreaders

Meyer® Blaster™ spreaders have a unique ½ horsepower, direct-drive motor that is rated at up to 70 amps of surge power and 15 ft. lbs. of stall-torque to grind through those annoying chunks of salt or sand.


The Meyer Blaster Spreader direct-drive system applies the torque directly to the auger. The Blaster 350 Spreaders are available in a 6.5 cu. ft. capacity and the Blaster 750 Spreaders feature a 12.8 cu. ft. capacity. Both spreaders can distribute #1 free-flowing rock salt over ice and snow. But if you need to throw sand, you will need the “S” versions. If you want to add sand-spreading capabilities to a standard 350 or 750, you can also purchase a Vibrator Kit that converts a basic Blaster into an “S” model.


  • Seven mounting systems available to fit SUVs, light trucks, and ½ ton+ vehicles
  • 350 or 750 lb. capacity
  • 1/2 hp motor
  • Motor and controller deliver a continuous 40 amps during normal operation and surge to 70 amps to grind through rock salt, calcium chloride, and other ice melting materials.
  • Variable speed controller for precise material spread pattern
  • Spread width from 3’ to 20’
  • Electric operating system
  • 5-year warranty with online registration