Western Snow Plow – HTS


Western Snow Plow - HTS

For personal and light commercial applications. You’ve got a half-ton pick-up. The Western Snow Plow – HTS is a full-size, full-featured snow plow designed for today’s lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive trucks.


  • Designed for ½ Ton Vehicles
  • Six vertical ribs and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide unmatched structural reinforcement.
  •  75° Attack Angle and  15 ½” Curl Radius
  • True Fleet Interchangeability Among All UltraMount ® Plows
  • One common control with built-in SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System
  • The two-spring trip blade protects your Western Snow Plow and truck when the plow strikes an obstruction.
  • Elastomer trip pads further reduce excessive jarring and soften the blade return when tripping occurs.