Locksmith Package – Med/High


Locksmith Package (Medium and High)


Ford Transit/ GM LWB/ Ford LWB

  • Six Shelf Catalog File (Part Number:17A)
  • Drawer Module (Part Number: MD506PM)
  • 84” Workbench Module (MD608PM)
  • Hook Bar (Part Number: TA1)

Ram Promaster

  • 84″ Workbench Module (Part Number: MD608PM)
  • Drawer Module (Part Number: MD506PM)
  • Six Shelf Catalog File (Part Number: 17A) *(136&159 WB Only)*

Mercedes Sprinter

  • Aerosol Can Tray (Part Number: ACT3)
  • Drawer Component 12″ wide (Part Number: DC12)
  • 2x Drawer Component 6″ wide (Part Number: DC6)
  • HD Adjustable Shelving (Part Number: HD-52SWP)
  • Key Machine Base (not shown) (Part Number: KMB36)
  • Workbench Module (Part Number: MD610)
  • Four Hook Bar (Part Number: TA1)
  • Shelf Cabinet (Part Number: 1)
  • Shelf Cabinet (Part Number: 12)
  • Catalog File 6-Shelf (Part Number: 17A)
  • 4-Drawer Shallow (Part Number: 9)
  • End Panel #12 (not shown) (Part Number: 12A)

Transit Connect

  • Partition wing kit, TC (Part Number: WKTC)
  • Steel Partition panel kit, TC (Part Number: P2TCS)
  • Workbench Module (Part Number: MD611)
  • 32″ Shelf Unit, TC (Part Number: HD32TC)
  • Floor Plate Kit (Part Number: FPKTC)
  • Drawer Component 6″ (Part Number: DC6)
  • Drawer Component 12″ (Part Number: DC12)
  • Cab Door Kit (Part Number: CK3208)

Partition Options

  • Partition with Door (Part Number: S1M2HC2PM) (Ford Transit)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC1FDTM) (Medium Roof Transit)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC1PM) (Ram Promaster)
  • Partition with door (Part Number: S1M2HC2FSV) (Low Roof Transit)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC1FDTS) (Low Roof Transit)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC1FDTH) (EXT High Roof Transit)
  • Partition (Part Number: S1M2HC2SPH) (Gm and Transit Connect)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC2FSVGM) (GM LWB)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC2FSVFD) (Transit Connect)

Available For:

  • Ford Transit All Roofs and WB’s
  • Ram Promaster All Roofs and WB’s
  • Mercedes Sprinter All Roofs and WB’s
  • Transit Connect
  • GM LWB