HVAC Package – Med/High


HVAC Package (Medium and High)


Ford Transit/ Ram Promaster

  • 3x ADseries Shelf Unit 44″ Wide (Part number: HAD4459) *(2x Ram Promaster 118 WB Only)*
    • The HAD4459 is an adjustable shelf unit. The ADseries shelves adjust on 1″ increments and can be easily moved with just a screwdriver
  • 44″ wide, 59″ tall, 14″ deep
  • Rail Kit 148″ TR (Part Number:RK148FTM(148 WB Ford Transit))
  • Rail Kit 130” TR (Part Number: RK130FTM(130 WB Ford Transit))
  • Rail Kit 136″ PM (Part Number: RKPMMWB(136 WB Ram Promaster))
  • Rail Kit 118” PM (Part Number: RKPMSWB(118 WB Ram Promaster)
  • 2x End Panel Bracket (Part Number: BRK14EPS)
  • Parts Bin System (Part Number: BR36212)
  • Drawer Component 6” (Part Number: DC6)
  • Divider kit of 8 (Part Number: DV14C8)
  • Three Hook Bar (Part Number: TA1WAD)
  • Welded Tank Rack (Part Number: WTR230150)
  • Literature Rack (Part Number: CB5)
  • Door Kit (Part Number: DK4210)
  • Tank Rack Adapter (Part Number: RKAWTR)
  • 2x Drawer Medium (Part Number: 19)

Mercedes Sprinter

  • 3x Drawer Component 12″ wide (Party Number: DC12)
  • 4x Drawer Component 6″ wide (Part Number: DC6)
  • Door Kit w/Back Panel 52″(Part Number: DK552)
  • 12x Divider(Part Number: DV14)
  • 2x HD Adjustable Shelving 52″ (Part Number: HD-52SWP)
  • Drawer-Cabinet Module (Part Number: MD605) *(170 WB Only)*
  • Four Hook Bar (Part Number: TA1)
  • 2x Top Tray for Tank Rack (Part Number: WTRTRAY)
  • Tank Rack 3-50 (Part Number: WTR350)
  • Tank Rack 4-30 (Part Number: WTR430)
  • 2x 3-Drawer Combo(Part Number: 919)

HD Adjustable Shelving 42″ (Part Number: HD-42SWP) *(170 WB Only)*

Partition Options

  • Partition with door (Part Number: S1M2HC2PM)
  • Partition (Part Number: S1M2HC2SPH)
  • Partition Wing Kit (Part Number: WKC1FDTM)

Available For:

  • Ford Transit Medium/ High Roof all WB
  • Ran Promaster
  • Mercedes Sprinter

Packages also available for Low Roofs.