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Arrowhead Equipment has a longstanding business relationship with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, supplying custom mounting hardware and electrical components for military vehicles. We are proud to install Fisher Snowplows on US Military Humvee and LMTV Trucks. We build and supply custom mounting hardware and electrical components for these military vehicles.

Our military customers may obtain Humvee and LMTV plow installation procedures, guidelines and additional information by clicking on the appropriate link here:

We know a lot of our military will not be with their families for the holidays; and we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all the Military Troops and to let them know they have our support and appreciation!

LMTV Military Plow (NSN# 3825015095922)

  • fleet-and-municipal-military-lmtv-military-snow-plow-nsn#-3825015095922-fisher-plow-1Custom designed snow plow attachment system specifically designed for use with Fisher Snowplows
  • Complete wiring harness and lighting isolation module adapter for installation on most FMTV Model Vehicles
  • Utilizes industries best halogen illumination, the Fisher Intensifire® Snowplow head lamp system.
  • State of the art reflector optics provide the operator with a smooth, wide beam pattern that illuminates the entire plowing surface
  • MC Series blades are 34” high, made from 11 gauge steel and includes the famous Fisher trip edge design. Standard on all 9’ MC Snowplows is an 8” center punched reversible cutting edge
  • The 9’ MC blade features two (2) wear resistant cast iron shoes and four (4) compression type trip springs

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HMMWV Military Plow (NSN #3820014732777)

  • fleet-and-municipal-military-hmmwv-military-snow-plow-nsn#-3820014732777-fisher-plow-1Custom designed snow plow attachment system designed specifically for use with Fisher Snowplows Complete headlight and plow control wiring harness designed for installation on most HMMWV model vehicles with 24 volt electrical systems
  • Built for the business of snowplowing, the rugged FISHER®HD Series snowplows will withstand the rigors of any and all commercial applications. These snowplow blades are 29” high and built with heavy 11 gauge steel
    The trip-edge is backed with two reinforced cutting bars at the bottom in increase wear resistance
  • All HMMWV plow systems come with the Fisher SnoFoil already installed. Engineered specifically to complement your Fisher snowplow blade, the SnoFoil’s high, continuous curve funnels snow to the side, allowing snow to be piled higher
  • All HMMWV plow systems come with the pre-installed cutting edge made of tough 1090 high carbon steel, these replaceable cutting edges increase wear resistance and improve cutting power and scrapping ability

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1.5 Yard Poly-Caster with Sand Bagging Chute

  • fleet-and-municipal-military-hmmwv-military-fisher-poly-caster-spreader-1The PRO-CASTER V-Box Spreader is available in powder coated steel or stainless steel
  • Units are designed to mount easily on pick-up, dump or platform trucks.
  • Both the stainless steel and the powder-coated steel hoppers are available in 8’ and 10’ body lengths, giving you a rounded capacity of either 2.5 or 4.1 cubic yards.
  • Spreader conveyor is a 16” wide pintle chain. This wider conveyor reduces bridging and moves more material for faster unloading.
  • A positive chain-and-sprocket drive for the conveyor system eliminates the stretching and slippage sometimes encountered by V-type drive belts when placed under a heavy load.
  • Choose between the 10.5 HP I/C Briggs & Stratton engine, or the 11 HP I/C Honda engine for the PRO-CASTER™ Hopper Spreader.  Most spreader models are also available with a hydraulic motor. Gas engine spreaders feature a cab-mounted electronic throttle control, with a choke indicator light, and electric clutch.

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