Truck 101

Overfilled TruckSo it’s time for a truck!

This section is intended to provide a basic overview of what we do, some of the terminology that you may come across, and some useful information that you may want to know when looking for a commercial truck.

Dejana is known as a commercial truck “upfitter,” which means we are authorized and certified by a truck manufacturer to modify and design bodies and install them on their chassis. We are also referred to as a final stage manufacturer, a body & equipment company, and a special vehicle manufacturer.

Dejana is also known as a “bailment pool,” which means we are authorized to maintain inventory on behalf of the truck manufacturer to upfit and supply to their dealerships.

We cannot sell a truck directly to you! We do not own the vehicles in our pool, and we can only sell them to the dealership that holds the franchise and it must have some type of upfit.

We can, however, have our sales reps, design engineers and truck equipment specialists help you design a body and match you with a dealership that can.

What’s important is your truck is built by an upfitter that is authorized, certified, and insured. It also helps if you understand the fundamentals of things like chassis specifications, GVW & payload. After all, your brand new dump truck may drive great, but is it underpowered for a 3-4 yard body with gravel in it?

Truck with Incorrect Weight Distribution over the AxleBe careful of who solves your problem—you may wind up with a bigger one!

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) specifies that 60% of the body should be in front of the rear axle…not behind, yikes!