Katerack and DuraRac Van Shelving


Van storage bad In order to find anything in this Cargo Van, the first step would be to take everything out. That is inefficient and unproductive!
Van_shelving_good Katerack© a place for everything and everything in its place!


Provides more efficient use of your van’s cargo area . . . as much as 70% more capacity.


Eliminates the need to go inside the van. No crawling into the van kneeling on an unseen object or tool. Pullout shelves bring everything within easy reach.


Allows you to be more organized and provides faster, easier access to tools and inventory allowing more service calls per day, improving the bottom line.

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Katerack© Rear and Side Van Shelving Systems

Van Shelving Available for Compact Vans . . .

Van Shelving Also Available as Side Katerack.

Dejana Side Katerack HVAC Package

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Durarac© Interior Shelving Systems

Van Shelving Available for Full Size Vans . . .

New! 3/4 DuraRac with Interior Ladder Rack

DuraRac Interior Ladder Rack Ford Transit
  • Eliminates the need to buy a roof rack
  • Provides security
  • Fuel Savings of 20-25%
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